Our Story

The story behind Connie Gray...

We create memories through our scents. When you visit our studio, you can smell our products before you can see them. For those who love filling their home with beautiful fragrances, our little London studio is heaven.

As a child, my fondest memory of my grandmother was her fascination with perfume. I would stand by her side and watch in awe as she blended her beautiful scents in our Victorian, London home. Learning how to mix layers of the perfect scent.

My Grandmother was passionate about matching her scents to the person she would be delivering to, creating something unique for their personality and giving them a signature scent. I will never forget my grandmothers own signature scent and I still wear it today, we now know this as Belgravia. My sister and I still have her vintage Perfume bottles that can transport us back in time. For me of course this time was simply about making memories filled with scent, always hoping I would be like her one day.

Having the opportunity to start a new venture as my children were growing up and I had time on my hands, I started reviving my grandmothers passion and carefully developing her scents into candles. Starting back at the kitchen sink with amazing friends, we started blending and pouring whilst carefully selecting our packaging based on my grandmothers class and London heritage. In 2016 we launched our perfected first collection and today I walk proud seeing my grandmothers name on our brand. Working in our Hampton studio we are still making memories.

Kerry Barnham
Granddaughter of Connie Gray