North of the border


Developing and creating a new brand can be exhausting and tedious at times with many hurdles to overcome especially when you are a stickler for detail and nothing but perfection will do but then once you see how people receive it or in our case inhale it everything becomes clear why you do it.

Our latest adventure took us to the highlands of Scotland and every wee moment made me realise why it's worth while...

Feeling a little apprehensive as one thing our Scots are not are ones to hold back on giving you very honest feedback. Here just to test the water and see how we fit with the high end hotels in Scotland. Argyle must be one of the most stunning settings you can imagine with a loch and mountain on every turn it was hard to concentrate on anything but the scenery. Long walks along beautiful marshy paths despite the crazy weather... how does this place have four seasons in one day! From blue skies to snow in the space of one hour!

My host was the artisanal business Loch Fyne who specialise in smoking and fishing only the finest salmon and oysters around the world. Supplying the very finest hotels and restaurants. It was clear why this brand have developed into the company they are today as from the moment I arrived they exuded their passion what they do and reminded me why I eat, breathe and sleep Connie Gray. So I took full advance of the kind hospitality, let's say I have never been so indulged with luxury food, I have to say the Connie Gray candle light certainly helped set the scene.

Success comes from surrounding yourself with the best people and this trip certainly proved that.