Now Shipping Internationally

After supplying a few of our followers in the USA and Dubai on the quiet over the last few months utilising DHL express, we're now happy to announce we have added international shipping to our online store.

Now Shipping Internationally

It has been a while coming, as thanks to the border-less nature of the internet and the social media world, we have received more and more enquiries from foreign soils for us to supply our candles.

Ans although we would love to local distributors and retailers in these far off lands, we haven't quite made it that far yet. 

So in the mean time we have made the jump to shipping direct. So far with the few customers we have tested things with, our beloved scented candles have found their wings and have been landing as far afield as Santa Barbara (California, USA) and Perth (WA, Australia).

Now if only we could warrant hand delivering to such places ourselves, we'd feel we've made it.

by on 01/03/2018.

Luxury scented candles & diffusers hand-crafted in the UK

Our exquisite candle collection is made by hand using the very finest ingredients available. Each candle is hand poured with the addition of carefully selected perfumes chosen for their fine quality.

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